Monday, March 23, 2009

Final round up

Conference is over and I'm sure over the next couple of days there'll be some snippets and thoughts coming out. As new ones come in I'll add them here, but right now many bloggers will be making their way home looking forward to the sleep of the righteous.
Meanwhile deputy leader Adrian Ramsay calls for a radical agenda for public services and banking. His speech also received press attention in Norwich.

Rowan Pelling mentions us in The Telegraph. Hurrah - Telegraph finally acknowledges we exist!

Emergency motions passed on;
Supporting student occupations over Gaza
On the medical centre behind the British Library
Funding for rape crisis centres
The Fuel Poverty Private Members' Bill
Final info on motions - check out conference documents (pdf) for texts.

DO4 "prioritisation of motions" fell
D03 "additional synopsis" passed
DO1 and D02 "members' subs" withdrawn
C17 "Northern Ireland" passed
C16 passed
C15 "criminal justice" passed (minor textual change)
C14 "geo-engineering" passed with both amendments

Also for those inclined to the detail of motions;

B10 Tourism VP (which is where we overhaul and update an entire section of policy)

A1 fell
A2 withdrawn
A3 fell
A4 passed
A5 passed
A6 passed
A7 passed
A8 passed
A9 passed
A10 fell
A11 fell
A12 passed
A13 passed
A14 fell
A15 fell
A16 passed
A17 passed
A18 passed
A19 passed
A20 passed
A21 passed – but it just duplicates TM063
A22 passed
A23 passed
A24 passed
A25 passed
A26 withdrawn

Whole paper as amended passed


Anonymous said...

Also an emergency motion I proposed, condemning the government for talking out the Fuel Poverty Private Members' Bill on Friday. I've just blogged about it and the role Lewisham Deptford MP Joan Ruddock played in this.

Jim Jay said...

Thanks Sue - added you in!