Friday, March 20, 2009

Blackpool conference

We're not doing a full blogging experience from Blackpool this conference. However, I thought it might be handy to do the occasional round up just for those who drop by on the off chance.

Key links

A few key links first. You find the Party Conference section on the national party's website useful. There's also the news section where I'm sure the press office will be posting up hot stories for your delectation.

Then there is the conference guide (pdf), which includes all the motions and amendments that are going to debated at Blackpool.

Some party members are "twittering" from conference. Check it out here.


Even on day one there's already been some blog responses to conference.
  • Joseph Healey is (or should that be was?) looking forward to conference.
  • Derek Wall is hoping the conference isn't going to get too corporate.
  • Even though I'm not at conference I've blogged on the economics resolution and why it's so important to call for the nationalisation of the energy industry.
  • Matt Wooten posts up his notes, references and further reading from his fringe on political strategy.
In the news

There was some coverage of the first day of conference;
  • The BBC has a good clip and extensive quoting for Caroline Lucas' opening speech.
  • The Independent leads with the Greens approach to recession.
  • says we were right all along. I know.
  • This is Somerset bigs up local Green Richard Lawson, showing that a national conference can be turned into local press.
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Please do alert us to anything we should be linking to about Green Party conference that we've missed. There'll be one or two more round ups depending on how much is out there to shout out about.