Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blogging Green Party Conference

Hello there and welcome to Green Dispatches.

We're a small team of Green Party members who will be blogging the Green Party conference from Reading Town Hall (pictured) for Red Pepper. We'll be bringing you our personal views and experiences from conference - relating the highs and lows, the love ins and rough and tumbles in equal measure.

On the conference agenda there are motions including abortion, Palestine, energy, immigration, gender, poverty, housing, the economy, the armed forces, disability, sport, localism and a lot more - there will also be fringe debates on the media, anti-capitalism, animal rights, eco-socialism (I look forward to finally finding out what that is) and prostitution.

This will be the first conference after the leadership referendum that decided to change the party's structure to one with a recognisable leader and deputy leader (or co-leaders) so I'm sure there will be some interesting discussions around this and other controversial issues.

The blog "goes live" on the Monday before conference (the 11th of February), we're looking forward to it - hope you are too!