Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Historic Green Party Conference Starts This Friday

Yes, and we're blogging it!

From this Friday (until Monday) Green Party conference will be taking place in SOAS, in London for the first time in more than ten years.

That's not why it's historic though - it's going to see the election of the Party's first ever leader and deputy leader in its history.

There's also lots of other conference business of course fringes, voting, debate, plenaries and lots of discussions and mingling in the cafes and bars.

You can read the timetable and the agenda at the Party website.

Over the next week and a bit you'll be able to read posts here from members of the party attending the cofnerence. These include Lewisham councillor Sue Luxton (who's also on the conference arrangements committee so it wilol be interesting to hear the insider gossip), prospective MEP Rupert Read, LSE student leader Aled Fisher, and myself Jim Jepps - and many others - we hope!

Stayed tuned.