Friday, September 5, 2008

"A Challenge to the membership of the Green Party of England and Wales..."

Conference attracts leafletteers. Some of these leafletteers are special. This from an anti-Lucas leaflet published by the "Whole Truth Coalition":
And before you simply dismiss David Icke (whom the Green Party "establishment" likes to demonise, please consider that in doing so you'd be refuting the findings of modern Quantum Physics and a mass of political and historical evidence, plus the collective knowledge and wisdom of the indigenous peoples around the world who have oral traditions going back thousands of years.
The leaflet, written by a disgruntled individual who left the party for fear of a leadership plot, warned members against the dangers of Lucas' "establishment" values.

I find this distinctly encouraging. Importantly, because it's written by an ex-member; the lunatic fringe has left the party. We've long had trouble presenting ourselves as a sane and sensible option for voters, partially because of conspiraloons like the Whole Truth Coalition. Now they're actively against us, it'll be easier to shed that image.

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weggis said...

Are you sure they have ALL left the party?