Monday, February 18, 2008

How was it for you?

Personally I thought this conference was one of the best in a while, not least because it seemed to be more harmonious than recent ones, but also I thought the venue was good and easy to get to, there were some interesting and inspiring speakers and useful training sessions. I thought Rob Smith from conferences committee, along with Leila and John who do the bulk of the organisation, did an excellent job.

One thing I didn't add in my previous post is that as of yesterday I am on Conference Committee. I thought perhaps people might like to use this post to say what they liked/didn't like about this conference, what they would like to see at future conference, suggestions of future venues etc. Polite, constructive and realistic suggestions welcomed!


Matt Sellwood said...

You volunteered to be on Conference Committee?

Are you feeling alright?



Jim Jay said...

I've been to three conferences and this was definately the best of them.

Good natured, very few low points and where people disagreed with each other they did it in a sensible and productive way, despite the passions involved.

Perhaps we're finally growing up!

Roger said...

Yes, it was great, though the harmony perhaps resulted in a little less adrenalin than usual. But I went away feeling that we'd achieved a lot of useful things, rather than merely having come out of it relatively unscathed!

Next time? Somewhere where all the fringe rooms can hold at least 30 people comfortably! The sight of five senior Greens having a meeting in a toilet on Saturday had me in stitches! (Ok, it was a small dressing room)

Colchester said...

Somewhere in the Midlands for Autumn (west or east)? And how about Newcastle (upon Tyne) before too long?